Age & erosion may be responsible for bridge/road collapse


    Considerable age and erosion caused by recent weather patterns may have contributed to a collapse along Golden Grove Road.

    The collapse left a massive hole on the roadway between the prison and the highway, restricting access.

    The Works Ministry says construction has since begun on a single lane bailey bridge, which will temporarily restore access to Golden Grove Road within the next three days.

    Also, as a temporary measure, the Ministry has granted authorization for Light Motor Vehicles to use the Priority Bus Route, from Arima Old Road to Orange Grove Road, until further notice.

    Heavy Motor Vehicles can use the Eastern Main Road.

    The collapse meanwhile ruptured a 12 inch pipeline that ran along the outside of the bridge.

    According to WASA, this led to a disruption in the water supply to the Maximum Security Prison, Sunrise Park, Millennium Park, Lower & Upper Five Rivers.

    Temporary works are now underway to restore the supply by 6pm today.

    It adds however that the normal water supply schedule may be amended, while permanent repairs to the pipeline are conducted, in collaboration with the Works Ministry.