Agro-economist outlines budget wish list


    An agricultural economist believes focus must be placed on food, agriculture and nutrition security in the upcoming national budget.

    Mr Omardath Maharaj says the current and anticipated economic circumstances facing T&T mean the cost of living is on the rise.

    He laments that the budgetary allocation to the sector has been cut from $1.324 billion in 2014 to $759 million in 2020.

    He also claims that $3 million was spent to upgrade the Chaguaramas Golf Course – a price that could have purchased 120,000 breadfruit trees.

    At maturity, he says those trees could produce an annual average of 300 fruits for “the rest of our lives.”

    Mr Maharaj says the budget should also address feeding the people, securing lives and livelihoods and having more mature social dialogue.