Alleged perpetrators of abuse against children found to be mostly biological mothers


    The Children’s Authority says the majority of alleged perpetrators of abuse against young ones are biological mothers.

    According to its Director Safiya Noel, sexual abuse continues to be the largest category of reported abuse against children – a trend that has existed since the opening of the organization, three years ago.

    She says out of the 16,000 plus reports made to the Authority, sexual abuse accounts for 24%, followed by neglect, and then physical abuse.

    But Ms Noel is urging parents to support their children given that the majority of sexual abuse cases are against female teens.

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    Ms Noel laments the fact that the alleged perpetrators of general abuse come from biological parents, particularly mothers.

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    The San Juan/Laventille region leads the way with the number of reported cases, with Tunapuna/Piarco and Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo close behind.

    The western part of Tobago meanwhile has seen more reports of abuse than the eastern countryside and Ms Noel attributes this to unreported incidents.