Bahamas defends response to disaster amid residents’ complaints

    (Photo Credit: Brandon Clement/LSM)

    As the Bahamas deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, officials are defending their response to the devastation.

    According to the BBC, residents on the Abaco Islands have accused the government of failing to provide assistance and prevent looting.

    The death toll was recorded at 43 and officials have denied there had been any cover up of the number of deaths.

    Based on the report, the toll is likely to rise as hundreds, possibly thousands, of people are still missing.

    The United Nations meanwhile says some 70,000 people are in need of food and shelter.

    Thousands of residents from the hardest-hit areas in the Abacos have been sent to the country’s capital, Nassau, where authorities say they may have to use tents or containers to house the victims.