Bar Owners analyze local COVID graphs


    The Bar Owners & Operators Association says the start of the steady incline in local COVID-cases came exactly 14 days after July 17th, 2020 which was nomination day.

    They have provided their own analysis, using the same bar graphs provided by Ministry of Health officials at the briefing on Saturday.

    On that day, one health official pointed to the high number of cases on September 2nd, attributing this to being most likely from the last lap activity at beaches and rivers.

    The Bar Owners pointed out some of other events on the timeline, which is believes may have contributed to spikes in infections.

    For instance, the graph shows the two days of the country’s highest daily infections, August 24th and 25th, which the Association pointed out was two weeks after the General Elections were held.

    The Bar Owners also noted that after they were allowed to reopen on June 22nd, T&T remained free of local COVID-cases for 27 days.