Bharath: FOIA amendment oppressive and unjust


    Former Minister Vasant Bharath believes the effort to weaken the FOIA legislation is oppressive and unjust and says he is joining all individuals and organisations that are against it.

    He says this ‘outrageous proposal’ to virtually remove the Government from under the FOIA searchlight, fits within the groove of an administration he believes is incompetent and undemocratic.

    Mr Bharath says there is an urgent need for improved public access to vital information about the Government’s handling of taxpayers’ affairs.

    The Former Minister believes this latest move is in keeping with the many words and actions of a Government intent on holding on to power at all costs.

    He says anyone who silently allows such undemocratic actions to prevail are not victims, but accomplices, and is applauding all to continue speaking out against this harsh measure.