Broken pipeline behind water disruption in Curepe, Tunapuna


    A ruptured 12 inch transmission pipeline along Narine Trace, Curepe is to blame for the current water interruption in parts of Curepe and Tunapuna.

    According to WASA, the line ruptured on Monday, with emergency repair works expected to be completed by noon tomorrow, Wednesday 8th April, 2020.

    Areas affected include:

    From Riverside Road, Curepe, to El Dorado Road, Tunapuna, inclusive of:

    • Gordon Street
    • Santa Margarita
    • Mohammed Trace
    • Ragbir Hill
    • Warren Street
    • Warner Street
    • Mc McCarthy Street
    • St. John’s Road
    • St. Augustine north of the PBR
    • Tunapuna north of the PBR

    WASA says following the repairs, it may take up to 12 hours for the pipe borne water supply to normalize to some affected areas.