Call for RHA reform


    Former Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh is calling for urgent reform of the Regional Health Authorities.

    Dr Gopeesingh says it is “unacceptable” that a seriously ill woman was recently unable to get a CT scan at the Port of Spain General Hospital since the machine there was down at the time.

    He claims despite billions spent in the health sector, there continue to be horrible conditions, and believes this is “ultimately a reflection of the poor and inadequate management capabilities” of the RHAs.

    Dr Gopeesingh says senior RHA managers should be traversing every nook and cranny of all hospitals and health centres at least every fortnight, to determine issues to be addressed.

    He also claims that a number of RHA Board Members have little or no knowledge of the health sector, and urged Government to consider having just two Authorities – one for Trinidad and one for Tobago.

    He called as well for specific areas of medical care to be concentrated at various hospitals for specialization, the way it was in the late 1990s when the Mt Hope Medical Complex was made the Centre for Pediatrics in North Trinidad.