Car with false plates recovered


    A white Y12 Wingroad wagon with false registration plates was recovered by police after a brief chase yesterday.

    The incident occurred around 10pm, during a stop and search exercise at the corner of Petite Café and Matilda Roads, Indian Walk, Princes Town.

    Officers signalled for the driver of the wagon to stop, but he instead sped up and drove off along Petite Café Road.

    The vehicle collided with a parked Nissan Tiida a short distance away, with the two occupants making their escape.

    Meanwhile in a separate incident, quick action by officers yesterday also resulted in the speedy recovery of a stolen Hyundai Elantra vehicle.

    It was taken by two assailants around 8:30pm from a 68-year-old retiree who was attempting to secure it.

    By 9:45pm however the vehicle was found completely intact by officers at Pt. Cumana, Carenage.