Carib apologises for ‘distasteful’ social media post


    Carib Brewery has issued a statement to apologise for a recent post on its social media platforms.

    The video was an ad for its brand using cricket jargon, but it was instead interpreted as a promoting domestic violence and this caused a strong negative reaction from online users.

    Loop News Barbados reports that the ad said “Annoyed that your wife/girlfriend is nagging you for spending more time on CPL than her?? HIT THEM FOR 6 and get back to the cricketing action”.

    The brewing company, in subsequent post on Wednesday afternoon, stated that they do not condone, support or tolerate violence of any kind including domestic violence in any form.

    It has deleted the original controversial ad, and stated that it sincerely regrets the post.

    It added “We will continue to work to ensure that our communications comply with the highest standards”.

    Users on Carib’s Facebook and Instagram pages continue to comment on the apology post, calling the original ad “distasteful” and “insensitive”, with others questioning how that ad went from conceptualisation to execution without being flagged.