Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association congratulates Angostura winner


    The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association has congratulated Bahamian Marv Cunnigham for winning the 10th ANGOSTURA Global Cocktail Challenge, held in Port of Spain last Saturday.

    The event saw the Taste of the Caribbean Hall of Fame Inductee eclipse eight competitors for the global title and a cash prize of US$10,000. Cunningham also earned a two-year contract to serve as the ANGOSTURA Global Brand Ambassador, showcasing ANGOSTURA bitters and rum products to international audiences.

    Vanessa Ledesma, CHTA’s Chief Operations Officer, said the victory helps to propel the Caribbean food and beverage industry.

    The Bahamian mixologist wowed the judges with a ‘Mas-Curried’ rum cocktail and an Amaro cocktail entitled ‘Amaro Bank Burst’. In addition to winning the overall title, Cunningham also won the award for Best Rum Cocktail.

    Cunningham, who has been bartending for more than 20 years, said winning the challenge meant a lot for the Caribbean. “It goes to show that we have the talent here, we have gifted bartenders here, not just bartenders but a gifted people in general and we belong,” he said.

    He credited the Taste of the Caribbean regional competition and educational experience and the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association’s national competition for helping him reach this pinnacle in his career.

    This year’s Taste of the Caribbean will be held from June 26-30, 2020, at Hyatt Regency Miami. The event features top culinary teams from Caribbean nations and territories competing for recognition and awards.