Caribbean News Roundup – Sept 13th


    A subsidiary of ExxonMobil is moving forward with plans for the Payara Development Project in Guyana as it seeks approval of its Environmental Impact Assessment ahead of 2020.

    The EIA was recently submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency for the project which marks the company’s third development field in the Stabroek block offshore Guyana.

    The project will see the drilling of up to 45 development wells which could take up to 5 years, starting in 2020 and initial production by early 2023.


    With Christmas just around the corner, Customs in Barbados are implementing a new system to significantly reduce waiting times.

    New Comptroller of Customs Owen Holder says persons coming to clear barrels would now be briefly interviewed before being allowed to collect their merchandise.


    Meanwhile, the Government of Barbados appears well on course to meeting first-year targets under the IMF-approved austerity and economic recovery programme.

    However, the independent watchdog tasked with overseeing the process is concerned about the administration’s capital spending levels under the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation Programme might not be high enough to jumpstart the ailing economy.


    Jamaican lawmakers have scrapped the prison sentence recommended in the long-anticipated data protection law for persons who fail to register as data processors.

    The proposed data protection bill made it an offence punishable by a fine and jail time not exceeding five years for persons convicted in the circuit court.


    12 Caribbean and Latin American countries have signed a resolution to convene a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the signatory countries of the Inter-American Treaty of Mutual Assistance.

    This was done with the intention of deciding on measures to be taken against Venezuela’s Government, in the second half of September, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.