Catholic Education Board responds to protest over St Dominic’s RC Primary building

    (Image via Catholic News)

    The Education Ministry has not yet approached the Catholic Education Board of Management with plans to replace the St Dominic’s RC Primary school building in Penal.

    This is according to CEO of the CEBM, Sharon Mangaroo.

    In a report by the Catholic News, Ms Mangaroo responded to a protest held yesterday outside the community centre used to house pupils.

    She said the school was recommended for demolition and replacement sometime in 2016/2017, however this has not yet been done.

    The 253 students and 14 teachers are being housed elsewhere, with infants in the Parish Hall and Standards One to Five at the community centre.

    Ms Mangroo says some work was done by the Ministry to make the community centre OSHA compliant and more comfortable.

    She adds that according to the agreement for use of the RC school property, the Ministry conducts repairs and will replace the building when it becomes necessary.

    Ms. Mangroo also reportedly said, “They say they have no money to rebuild…We have a number of schools to be rebuilt…”