CCJ to rule tomorrow on Guyana’s ‘cross dressing law’


    Tomorrow, the Caribbean Court of Justice will rule on a case in Guyana which challenges the constitutionality of a law that criminalizes ‘cross dressing’.

    In 2009, several trans women were arrested and convicted under the 1893 Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act of being a “man” appearing in “female attire” in public for an “improper purpose.”

    In 2010, the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination challenged the law, and while the High Court of Guyana agreed that cross-dressing itself is not a crime, it disagreed that the law was discriminatory.

    This decision is now being appealed before the CCJ.

    Arguments were presented by both sides on June 28th 2018, with the CCJ reserving its judgment for November 13th.