Children’s Authority urges parents – “seek alternative to licks”


    The Children’s Authority is encouraging parents to seek alternative forms of discipline that do not include corporal punishment or “licks”.

    This follows the incident in which Michael Maynard allegedly committed suicide after beating his 8-year-old daughter to death.

    The Authority says while Sections 6 and 7 of the Children Act, allow for corporal punishment to be administered by parents only, it must be reasonable, and should not cause any injury to the child.

    It recognizes that some parents and guardians are under extreme stress, have little support and may resort to corporal punishment, when disciplining their children, especially whenever they feel overwhelmed.

    It is urging such persons to seek support groups or workshops that would help them identify the stressors, learn more about the special needs population and how they might cope with these issues.

    It also reminds that reports of child abuse can be made anonymously to the Authority’s Hotline at 996 or the Police at 999.