Children’s Authority urges vigilance after recent toddler deaths


    The Children’s Authority is urging adults to exercise vigilance when it comes to the care of children.

    This comes in the wake of three separate toddler deaths.

    Parents and guardians are again reminded to ensure that measures are in place for their children whether at camps, family outings or at home:

    • Children should be placed in the care of trusted and responsible adults
    • Older children should not be left to supervise younger ones
    • Know the whereabouts of your children at all times, including older teens
    • Keep an open line of communication with children so they can inform you if they have been abused
    • Teach children the correct names of their body parts so they can inform you if they have been inappropriately touched

    The Authority says it will also engage vacation camps to increase awareness on child abuse and child protection.

    Incidents of child abuse should be reported to the Police at 999 or to the Authority’s 24-hour hotlines at 996 or 800-2014.