Chinese couple rescued after being forced to work at factory


    Police have rescued two Chinese nationals, who were reportedly being forced to work at a factory in Endeavour, Chaguanas.

    The 41 year old man and his 42 year old wife were allegedly brought to Trinidad by an 83 year old businessman, who told them that they would be employed at a Chinese restaurant in Centre Point Mall.

    Upon arrival however, their passports were taken away, and they were told that they had pay TT$30,000 for these to be returned.

    They were also forced to work at the factory.

    The couple was rescued on Wednesday following a tip sent to the Counter Trafficking Unit.

    Search warrants were executed at five locations – the Chinese restaurant at Centre Point Mall, the factory in Endeavour, two houses in Lange Park, and an apartment complex in Barataria.

    The couple was found in the factory being supervised by the restaurant owner, while their passports were found at the Chinese restaurant.

    The factory was subsequently shut down due to numerous health and safety violations.