“Closure Matters” – Hunters Search and Rescue Team celebrates 2nd anniversary


    Today, the Hunters Search and Rescue Team celebrates its 2nd anniversary.

    On this day two years ago, 13 hunters came together to help in the search for Andrea Bharatt.

    Later, the Deputy Police Commissioner asked them to be a part of a major operation called ‘Aripo Sweep’ –  this entailed searching the entire Heights of Aripo area, which took place three days after Ms Bharatt’s body was found.

    After ‘Aripo Sweep’, persons asked if the group could continue, to assist families whose loved ones were missing.

    Formalized as the Hunters Search and Rescue Team, it continues to work tirelessly, both on land and at sea, oftentimes at the request of families looking for loved ones.

    Captain Vallence Rambharat told 103.1FM News that they now have 25 members, with four sub-units: Tobago, North, Central and South Trinidad.

    Members are motivated by the fact that their cause is a genuine one, as they believe “closure matters”.

    They also see it as an opportunity to serve T&T in a meaningful way.

    But, their mission is not always easy: while they are sometimes able to reunite missing persons with their families, in some cases they find bodies instead.

    Mr Rambharat admits this has been very traumatic for members, but says they remain committed to the task.

    In a Facebook post, the HSRT also thanked then Deputy Police Commissioner Joanne Archie and Senior Superintendent Ryan Khan of the Eastern Division, who lent support and guidance in its formative days.