CMO takes on question about community spread in T&T

    (Image via CDC)

    Does T&T have community spread of COVID-19?

    According to Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram, that is not the case right now.

    He warns however that the matter itself is complicated and can change at any time.

    During today’s Health Ministry briefing, the CMO says the statistics show cluster spread, with connected cases concentrated in certain areas of the country.

    He then went on to explain Community Spread.

    Persons are also being urged to be more vigilant when it comes to personal safety precautions, especially mask wearing and physical distancing.

    Also speaking at the briefing was Dr Saeed Rahaman, Director of Veterinary Public Health at the Health Ministry, who says persons are often complacent when around friends and colleagues.

    Dr Rahaman says vigilance is also needed when around family members, especially in instances where relatives from different households get together.

    He also urged persons with symptoms to stay at home, call the hotline and organize to get tested.