Coronavirus death toll crosses 900

    (Photo Credit: AFP via Getty Images)

    The coronavirus death toll has crossed 900.

    According to CNN, it now stands at 910, with the vast majority of deaths inside mainland China, and concentrated in the central province of Hubei.

    The outbreak itself is thought to have begun in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei.

    The statistics according to CNN are:

    Death toll:

    In China: 908
    Outside China: 2
    Global total: 910


    In China: 40,171
    Outside China: 539
    Global total: 40,710

    Meanwhile a team from the World Health Organization left for China on Sunday to assist with containing the coronavirus outbreak.

    It is being led by Dr Bruce Aylward, veteran of past public health emergencies.

    CNN says Dr Aylward has also lead the WHO’s response to Ebola, as well as initiatives for immunization, communicable diseases control and polio eradication.