Councilor Hosein tells Minister Sinanan to put politics aside and fix landslip

    Photo Credit: Reform/Manahambre Councilor Chris Hosein

    A call is being made for Works Minister Rohan Sinanan to fix a landslip along the Naparima Mayaro Road, following two accidents a year apart from each other.

    Reform/Manahambre Councilor Chris Hosein says the landslip is located on the corner of Naparima Mayaro Road and John Parker Street, Palmyra.

    He says he has been pleading for assistance since before the first incident last year but nothing has been done as yet.

    Mr Hosein believes his district is being neglected because it is considered a UNC stronghold.

    As a result, he is calling on Minister Sinanan to put politics aside and address the issue to ensure no lives are lost.