Counselling for families of crime victims

    Dr Rudradeva Sharma

    The families of victims lost in recent tragedies are receiving counselling from the TTPS’ Victim and Witness Support Unit.

    This includes the recent killing of Dr Rudradeva Sharma, who died in a car crash after he was kidnapped on January 15th.

    The TTPS says the Unit has already initiated counselling sessions with his relatives, while counselling sessions have been arranged for the surviving doctor of the crash, Dr Prem Naidoo.

    With reference to the killing of Pre-School Principal, Jezelle Phillip on January 6th, the VWSU conducted a counselling session on January 17th with a cross section of students and their parents.

    The VWSU is also active with regard to the murder of three persons,
    including two teenagers, on January 16th at Demarara Road, Arima.

    The victims were 19 year old Demetri Archibald, 14 year old Jordan Archibald, and 24 years old Nyron Samuel. A fourth person has been hospitalized.