Criminology instructor makes suggestions to help address violent crime


    Addressing crime requires a multi-faceted approach and a senior criminology instructor has a few suggestions.

    Ahead of Monday’s budget presentation, 103.1FM spoke with UTT instructor Chantelle Cummings who believes one of the driving factors behind the violent crime now prevalent in T&T, is marginalization or perceived marginalization.

    This is where persons feel like they have no real contribution to make or are not part of society, so they seek inclusion and sometimes find it in the world of crime.

    Ms Cummings believes it will take the entire society to turn things around but warned that it’s no quick fix.

    Meanwhile, guns continue to play a major role in crime, with former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith raising the issue of firearms coming in via legal ports of entry back in 2020.

    Ms Cummings weighed in on this matter.

    Ms Cummings also addressed the rehabilitation of prisoners, stating outright that not enough is being done.

    Ms Cummings believes psychological services would help inmates.