Deyalsingh: Coast Guard members in quarantine, none displayed flu-like symptoms


    No Coast Guard official displayed flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with Venezuelan nationals but are in quarantine.

    This update comes from the Health Minister after reports that the Cedros base was locked down after the 32 foreigners were rescued from a sinking pirogue.

    Allegations then surfaced about COVID-19 with claims that some of the Venezuelans appeared to be ill.

    Mr Terrence Deyalsingh, speaking in Parliament, says, “They are in quarantine under the authority of the Chief Medical Officer with his powers under the Quarantine Act and under the direct care of the coast guard medical personnel at a facility designated by the coast guard’s medical personnel. So yes, they are in quarantine but no one of the coast guard’s staff displayed flu-like symptoms.”

    Meanwhile, in a media release, the Coast Guard says the 32 were medically examined by Health Ministry officials and it was determined that none of them exhibited any signs of viral illnesses.

    Nevertheless, they are still being kept in mandatory quarantine for 14 days.