Duke: Increase water rates, start metering… don’t fire WASA workers


    Increasing water rates and introducing a metering system would be more effective at cutting WASA’s debt than firing workers, according to the PSA President.

    Mr Watson Duke’s recommendations this morning come after a newspaper report which states that a cabinet sub-committee has been given three months to figure out how to improve water distribution and the company’s finances.

    That article also quoted the Prime Minister as saying that WASA is overstaffed by 4,000 people and subsidized by $1.8 billion per year.

    Mr Duke says the subsidy should be on the chopping block instead of jobs.

    Furthermore, Mr Duke says a system should be in place to ensure persons pay according to water use.

    Mr Duke believes no WASA worker should fear job loss as he intends to fight to ensure they are not laid off.