EBC: No confusion expected over Progressive Party’s logo

    According to the Progressives, this error was made with its logo on the ballot paper (Photo credit: Progressive Party on Facebook)

    The EBC believes there will be no confusion on Election Day about the logo used for the Progressive Party despite the party’s objections.

    Progressive’s leader Nikoli Edwards today said the logo approved by the party and the EBC in 2017 was not used on the ballot.

    Instead, the words “Progressive Party” was left out and only the “guiding flame” logo was utilized.

    However, responding this afternoon, the EBC claimed that on July 10th and 17th, Mr Edwards was shown the symbol to be placed on the ballot paper and he raised no objection.

    Furthermore, the entity said it is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the correct symbol is used.

    The EBC also said the party is only contesting one seat – San Fernando West – and it does not believe there will be any mix up.