Education Ministry: health protocol strictly adhered to at schools


    The Education Ministry continues to assure of the measures in place for COVID-19.

    Yesterday it stated that the 2020 SEA Exam will take place on August 20th, despite recent incidents in which two schools had to be shut down.

    In a release issued today, it insists that all primary schools are strictly adhering to health and safety protocols.

    It adds that in any school where there is deemed the possibility of risk to the health and safety of students, all necessary steps will be taken.

    It also defended the resumption of physical classes on July 20th, saying the psychological benefits of being able to prepare for the SEA in a physical space, has been reported to have many positive benefits for students.

    It also warned persons not to spread misinformation about children being positive for COVID-19 in schools, since this can cause mass panic.