Education Ministry warns CSEC/CAPE students to adhere to exam protocol


    The Education Ministry is warning students sitting the CSEC and CAPE exams to adhere to guidelines set for examinations by CXC, or risk being barred from entry to future exams.

    The statement comes following a report of misconduct during the CSEC Mathematics Paper at a Secondary School in T&T.

    A video circulating on social media showed inappropriate communication and mobile phone usage by students, resulting from inadequate supervision at the exam centre.

    Due to this, the Ministry says it has terminated the services of the invigilators at the Centre, and has instructed Examination Coordinators to monitor centres closely to ensure strict adherence to exam protocol.

    It assures though that a thorough investigation on the incident is currently being conducted and a full report will be submitted to CXC, which will then determine consequences for the actions of students.

    According to CXC, a candidate guilty of any misconduct or unfair or dishonest practice could have their exam papers cancelled, be disqualified, or be barred from entry to future exams offered by CXC.

    The normal period of debarment of a candidate from exams is two years.


    CXC Hand Book outlines:



    88. Candidates must not:

    a) Bring any unauthorized material or devices into the examination room;

    b) Communicate in any way with other candidates when in the examination room;

    c) Indulge in any other form of unfair or dishonest practice.

    89. Candidates who disobey the Regulations of the Council or otherwise misconduct themselves will be subject to appropriate penalties.

    Penalties for Misconduct

    90. A candidate guilty of any misconduct, or unfair or dishonest practice, may have his/her examination papers cancelled, be disqualified and be barred from entry to future examinations offered by the Council. The normal period of debarment of a candidate from examinations is two years.