Energy Ministry: No risk of oil spill from stranded oil tanker


    The Ministry of Energy says reports state there is no risk of oil spill, even though Venezuelan oil tanker FSO NABARIMA, which is anchored in the Gulf of Paria at the moment after suffering water ingress.

    The Ministry says since the vessel is in Venezuelan waters, T&T cannot unilaterally enter the territory to conduct any reconnaissance or other works without being invited to so do.

    The tanker is filled to capacity at the moment with 1.3 million barrels of oil.

    The Ministry of Energy says recent reports stated the vessel has tilted 5 degrees to the right and sunk 14.5 metres at the water line.

    It adds that a report indicated that the FSO is stable and that the recent water leak has been solved, while plans are afoot to transfer the crude oil to another vessel.

    The Ministry says it has offered any assistance, technical or logistical, to the Government of Venezuela that it may require in this matter.