Ajay Devgan on fan’s appeal to stop promoting tobacco


Ajay Devgan says he has and will continue to make a conscious effort not to promote anything that impacts society negatively.

This comes a week after Nanakram, a 40-year-old cancer patient from Rajasthan, made a public appeal to Devgan to discontinue his association with tobacco products.

The patient’s family said that he was a fan of the actor and used the same product which the actor advertises for, but now realizes that tobacco has had an adverse effect on his life.

Devgan said he is in touch with the fan and maintains while he will not promote tobacco, it is sometimes difficult to control what companies do.

He said:

“I have always maintained in my contracts that I am not promoting tobacco. Whatever the ads are, they are of ilaaichi (cardamom) and my contract says it will be non-tobacco. So if the same company is selling something else, I don’t know what to do”.

The actor added that he does his best not to smoke on screen if his character does not demand it.

Devgan was allegedly a chain smoker for many years, but is said to have effectively kicked the habit in 2018.