Netflix officially confirms Season 2 of “Squid Game”


“Squid Game” has been officially renewed by Netflix for a second season!

Yesterday, the streaming giant shared a note from director, writer and executive producer, Hwang Dong-hyuk.

“Squid Game” is a fictional survival drama from South Korea in which financially desperate contestants play deadly children’s games to win a massive cash prize.

Hwang also teased new characters and developments in the second season.

He wrote that “The man in the suit with ddakji might be back”, referring to the mysterious salesman who recruits desperate players to the game show.

The letter adds that viewers will be introduced to Cheol-su, the “boyfriend” of the show’s infamous animatronic doll, Young-hee.

Season 1 of “Squid Game” was released worldwide on September 17th 2021 and received critical acclaim.

It is Netflix’s most-watched series, amassing 1.65 billion viewing hours during its first four weeks from launch.