Ranveer Singh on ‘near end’ to Bollywood career


Ranveer Singh is among the top movie stars in India today.

The quirky actor, known for his insane acting range, and enjoys a huge fan following across the country and the globe.

But there was a time the 33-year-old thought that his career was over.

For those not in the know, in the year 2013, Ranveer suffered a serious back injury that left him bedridden for nearly two and a half months.

It was then the actor became doubtful about his future in the industry.

Talking about the difficult phase in a recent interview with BBC Hindi, the actor said, he was very afraid because he thought he wouldn’t be able to dance or fight again.

He said though, that once that phase was over, his choices became more authentic and he, as a person, became more unfiltered.

And that is what his fans love the most about him!