Shraddha Kapoor responds to critic reviews of “Saaho”


Shraddha Kapoor has opened up about poor critical reviews for her latest movie “Saaho”.

The film, which also stars Prabhas, is running very successfully in theatres.

However, while the film has been well-appreciated by the fans, it has been slammed by the critics.

One critic called it “a missed opportunity with a juvenile narrative and weak story line”.

Another was more diplomatic, saying while its pioneering attempts in stunt sequences and graphics are praiseworthy, “the story misses to naturally engage the audience”.

During an exclusive interview with India’s ETimes, Shraddha said – “It was baffling as well because I was amazed by the fact that a film still did so well despite anything and was received in a such a way by the audience. I was really baffled but also I have to say it’s not so baffling to see how many fans Prabhas has and therefore its the combination of so many reasons that the film has done well. Ultimately the audience is the final verdict! But at the same time, I want to be a part of different kind of films”.