Singer Mike Posner airlifted to hospital after rattlesnake bite

Photo credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Singer Mike Posner, whose hits include ‘Cooler Than Me’ and ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ has been airlifted to a hospital after being bitten by a baby rattlesnake.

He posted a short video to his Instagram page saying he got to the hospital and received the anti-venom in time.

The US star was also quoted as saying ‘That venom is no joke!’.

The incident comes while Posner continued his plan to walk across the US.

He says he plans to walk 20 miles a day, with hopes of aiming to reach California in September.

The singer also promised in one of his videos to release a song every time he crosses into another state.

The 31 year old Grammy was born in Detroit, and despite the injury he said he would continue with his walk.

Posner posted that he had crossed from Kansas to Colorado on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

Rattlesnake bites on people are rarely fatal, with less than one in 600 resulting in death, according to the US Forest Service, while a third of bites do not actually contain venom.