Estate constables “temporarily removed” after incident with media at SFGH


    The SWRHA is investigating an incident involving media personnel and members of its contracted security team.

    A video circulating on social media shows media personnel insisting on their right to film and take photos in an area near the hospital’s parking lot.

    One guard is also shown using a baton to hit the lens of a camera, while insisting that filming be stopped.

    The SWRHA described the incident as unfortunate, adding that the appropriate and necessary course of action will follow its investigation.

    A release has also been issued by Amalgamated Security, which says the respective Estate Constables have been temporarily removed, while an internal investigation is conducted.

    It however defends the officers’ actions, saying they stepped in to protect the privacy of patients, after noticing unidentified persons taking video recordings and trying to gain further access.

    It says even after intervening, the media individuals continued to violate existing policies of the SFGH.

    It maintains that photos and video recordings are strictly prohibited in the area, with the respective signage located in the A & E section.