Ethics training for TTPS


    Police officers will receive training in Ethics in Law Enforcement.

    The TTPS says this started today at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain, with a workshop designed through the collaboration of the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights and the Police Complaints Authority.

    The training session will be facilitated by Allan Meiguel and will run for four days, highlighting the issue of police brutality and the perception of law enforcement officers by the public.

    Denise Pitcher, Executive Director of the CCHR, says the goal is to increase empathy within officers by placing them in the role of victims and showing the importance of their actions.

    Acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob also welcomed the initiative, saying although officers are given the freedom to act according to law, they need to be aware of the laws, regulations and use of force policy which guides them in ensuring the rule of law is adhered to.