Farming losses, long drive after Manzanilla flooding

    Sangre Grande Corporation Chairman Anil Juteram at the scene of the Manzanilla flooding

    Flooding yesterday in southeast Trinidad not only led to large cracks in the Manzanilla/Mayaro Road, but also left farmers counting their losses.

    The heavy rainfall this week led to flooding of the long stretch of roadway and extended to communities near the Nariva Swamp.

    According to reports, thousands of dollars in crops were lost, as well as the drowning of livestock.

    There are fears by the farmers in the area that the roads leading to particular areas could remain flooded for some time.

    The Manzanilla/Mayaro Road remains closed due to its partial erosion, causing an inconvenience to many motorists and commuters.

    They say alternative routes are taking longer to traverse.

    Meanwhile, the Opposition UNC has called for a proper investigation regarding the recent Manzanilla flooding.

    It has raised questions regarding a possible diversion of the river near the Pamzanella Estate in Manzanilla, which they believe caused the issue.

    The party says two weeks ago at the UNC’s Virtual Report, MP Arnold Ram asked Minister Rohan Sinanan why the course of the river has changed.

    And, Councillor Kenwyn Phillip said he was stopped by the Minister of Works from doing excavation works to clear the watercourse.