Fires allowed at rivers, beaches for Religious purposes only


    Fires are being allowed at rivers, beaches, and other bodies of water, only for religious purposes.

    Recently, when it was announced by the Prime Minister that Rivers would reopen to the public from 5am to 2pm, one of the conditions for use included no lighting of fires.

    However, today, the Minister of Health gave authorization to religious organizations and their members to light fires for religious purposes only.

    Pursuant to Regulation 4(3) of the Public Health [2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-n CoV)] Regulations, 2022, with effect from January 21, 2022, the Minister of Health hereby authorises religious or ecclesiastical organisations and their members to light fires for religious purposes at beaches, rivers, streams, ponds, springs and similar bodies of water.”

    For instance, members of the Hindu community who perform the ‘Shaving’ ritual at the river after someone has passed on, will be allowed to light fires for the ceremony.

    The Minister though is urging all persons to comply strictly with the other legal requirements in the COVID-19 regulations and public health guidelines.