First People’s Community weighs in on possible Piarco Airport re-naming0


    The Santa Rosa First Peoples Community has weighed in on discussion regarding the re-naming of the Airport, saying should this step be taken, the name Piarco must be retained for historical reasons.

    There is talk that the Airport in Trinidad be re-named after Dr. Eric Williams.

    In a release, Chief Ricardo Bharath Hernandez points out that several institutions are already named in his honour including the Eric Williams Financial Complex, and The Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

    He says under colonization, the First Peoples were deprived of their land, including the changing of place names from the indigenous language to a foreign language.

    He adds that while a number of places kept their indigenous names, none is as prominent and visible as the country’s International Airport.

    The Chief believes that erasing a name in an original language of the First Peoples would further erode their Heritage and Legacy.