Floods affect Gasparillo and Pointe-a-Pierre

    Gasparillo flooding - August 7th 2020

    Floods devastated parts of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo region today after heavy rains.

    Gasparillo/Bonne Aventure Councillor Safraz Naveed Ali told 103.1FM News that Beddau Street, Jagessar Street, and parts of Bonne Aventure Road including in front the Gasparillo Masjid were all affected.

    A couple of homes at Bhagwansingh Trace were also impacted by flood waters.

    Meanwhile in Pointe-a-Pierre, the area’s councillor Shazeeda Nadia Khan-Mohammed said floods hit the Southern Main Road in Claxton Bay and the Cedar Hill Main Road.

    One household reported damages due to a leaking roof.

    She claims the flooding is a result of a lack of work on drainage and tributaries under the purview of the Works Ministry.

    The councillor has urged persons to call her at 374-5576 as sandbags are available and contact its Disaster Management Unit at 636-3700 to report damages.