Foreign Affairs Minister assists sick baby aboard KLM flight

    Dr. Amery Browne aboard a KLM flight in the cockpit with the Pilot

    Minister of Foreign Affair Dr. Amery Browne assisted a sick baby aboard a KLM flight to Amsterdam yesterday.

    He posted on social media that the captain made a call on board the flight for any doctors and turns out he was the only one.

    Dr. Browne said the airline had a well-stocked medical kit, and they were able to manage the situation successfully.

    He said the assistance included half hourly checks on the baby during the transatlantic flight, with reporting via the cockpit radio to a KLM specialist at the Airport.

    Dr. Browne says the baby is now safe in Amsterdam, and his mother was very pleased that a T&T delegation was on board her flight.

    The Minister and other officials are making their way to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Rwanda.