Former AG: Amendments to Freedom of Information Act will frustrate the work of the media


    Former Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj believes the proposed amendments to the Freedom of Information Act will ‘frustrate’ the work of the media.

    According to the Express, he says this will also obstruct the public from accessing information from the Government.

    The Former AG has criticized the introduction of the Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2019 and vows to speak more on this issue at a forum being hosted by the Media Association of T&T next Saturday.

    He will also be joined by guest speakers Rishi Maharaj who is the Executive Director of the EquiGov Institute and Christopher Sieuchand, Partner at MG Daly and Partners.

    MATT says it anticipates that the various experiences of all who utilize freedom of information requests will be extremely useful in furthering collective understanding of the Act and the proposed amendments.

    The forum takes place on June 15th at the Hotel Normandie from 9am.