Garcia: Only a collective agreement by regional ministers can change CSEC/CAPE date


    Education Ministers of the region are in support hosting CSEC/CAPE exams in July and changing the date is not up to T&T’s minister alone.

    This comes from Education Minister Anthony Garcia as the matter was addressed in Parliament today, days after TTUTA called for a postponement of the exam.

    He says any change to the date of the exams can only be effected if all the ministers of the region collectively agree.

    “This was a decision of the regional ministers of education. Any change can only be effected if the ministers of education collectively decide on any change. I have been in communication with Minister of Education Michael Browne of Antigua, who chaired the meeting on May 8th (when the decision was made) and I was told that all ministers of education around the region are in support of the examination being held in July.”

    TTUTA’s proposal was for the postponement of exams until no earlier than four weeks after the re-commencement of school in September.

    This it believes will allow students to complete the SBAs/IAs and be in a state of readiness for the examinations.