Gov’t: Yes, Patriotic asked for more information on refinery


    Government says it has proof that the Patriotic Energies and Technologies Company requested further information about the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery.

    On Wednesday in the Parliament, the Prime Minister stated negotiations for the sale of the refinery were delayed as the company, which is the preferred bidder, wanted more information.

    This was yesterday denied by Ancel Roget, leader of the OWTU, the union which owns the company.

    But today, Energy Minister Franklyn Khan stated that Government has in writing, a letter dated January 17th, 2020 with a Document Request List submitted by Patriotic Energies.

    This included 250 specific requests in various requests, not only pertaining to a refinery inspection, but included areas in Finance, Contracts, Labour and Employee Relations, License and Permits and Environmental Liability, etc.

    Government says it has set up various teams to meet with the company, and the Refinery Inspection should begin next week.