Grande residents protest quarantine facility in the area


    Several persons blocked Bridge Road in Sangre Grande with burning debris last night, to protest the decision to set up a quarantine facility in the area.

    According to a release from the TTPS, about 15 persons were involved in the action, sparked by the reported removal of COVID-19 patients from the Couva Hospital to a “refurbished Home for the Age in Sangre Grande”.

    Responding officers removed the protesters, while the burning debris was extinguished by fire officers.

    Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Anil Juteram, is reportedly assisting the police in this investigation.

    Commissioner Griffith says the investigation is in keeping with his statement months ago, that persons would not be allowed to block roads and burn tyres as was done in the past.

    The Top Cop is quoted as saying “You have your right to protest, you have your right to assembly, you have your right to march, but we need to understand that your right could never supersede and override the laws of Trinidad and Tobago or the rights of others.”

    Under the Summary Offences Act, Chapter 11:02, Section 64 (1) (n):
    * Any person who commits any of the following offences in any street is,
    for each offence, liable to a fine of two hundred dollars or to imprisonment
    for one month, that is to say, any person who:
    (n) in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage of any street.


    Meanwhile during a media briefing held today, the concerns of residents was put to Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh and Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram.

    Without referring directly to the area, Dr Parasram assured that quarantine sites are carefully chosen to ensure those inside and outside the facility are safe.

    The CMO’s sentiments were echoed by Minister Deyalsingh, who also called on citizens to rise above their fear.