Griffith moves to acquire Forensic Science Department for TTPS

    (File photo credit: 103.1FM/Rai Ricomas)

    Top Cop Gary Griffith confirms that he has started the process of trying to acquire a Forensic Science Department for the TTPS.

    In a media release, the Commissioner says he agrees with a recent statement from Fixing T&T that there is an ‘undue delay’ in the process for results from the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

    He notes that where in some countries the results take six days, in T&T the results may take six years.

    This he says is no fault of the Centre, since it is simply ‘overwhelmed’.

    The Commissioner believes this new Forensic Science Department will be able to assist the TTPS in treating with matters of Crime Scene Investigation, which will include forensic testing for live rounds being fired and DNA testing.

    However, he stated that matters relating to police shooting will continue to be dealt with by the Forensic Science Centre, and not the TTPS.