HDC to assess cause of recent flooding in La Horquetta


    The HDC will lead a team in an exercise to identify and address the cause of extreme flooding in La Horquetta.

    On Sunday there was flash flooding on Tecoma Boulevard and Ladybird Avenue, with several homes becoming inundated.

    The HDC says while the community has experienced flash flooding before, Sunday’s incident was unexpected since the area has not flooded to that extent before, with the water also taking longer to recede.

    It says a clean-up crew was immediately mobilized to clean and sanitize the affected homes.

    The HDC believes the assessment will allow it to implement effective mitigation strategies in the area.

    These could include berms, the elevation of roads and the widening of drains, which were done in Greenvale Park to treat with that community’s flooding issue.

    The team will also consist of representatives from the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation.