Health Minister accepts responsibility for ‘death mix-up’ at Mt Hope Hospital


    Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has admitted that the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex was wrong in the ‘death mix up’ at the Hospital in Mt Hope.

    Recently, a health official mistakenly called a family to inform them that their family member had died, when it was another patient in the same room that had passed away.

    Three days ago, the NCRHA issued an apology to both families involved, since the other patient’s family are Muslim and immediately began to prepare for her burial.

    Mr Deyalsingh says he has spoken to both families and issued his own apology.

    He believes the incident did show that the Health Sector did not adhere to its usual ‘high standards of performance’.

    According to the Express, Mr Deyalsingh says it was his duty to accept responsibility and apologise for the hurt and trauma that may have been caused.