Hollis Reservoir finally surpasses its Long Term Average


    The Hollis Reservoir finally has enough water in it to surpass it long term average, following rainfall events over the past week.

    On Monday, WASA stated that Hollis is currently 74.9% filled while its LTA is 72.67%.

    The Hillsborough dam in Tobago is also very high at 91.82% of its capacity as its Long Term Average at this time 76.27%.

    The Navet Reservoir in South Trinidad is currently 65.49% of its capacity, still 10% below its LTA.

    And the lowest of them all is the Caroni/Arena Reservoir, standing on Monday at 49.19% with a LTA of 75.03%.

    Despite almost four months into the Wet Season and many rainy episodes over that period, the reservoir levels have been slowly increasing.

    However they remain at levels where WASA continues to implement water use restrictions.

    According to the Authority, most of the water that it produces comes from either surface water sources (e.g. rivers or lakes) or ground water sources (e.g. wells).

    There is also the Desalination Plants, which use sea water to create a potable supply.