Impasse over COVID-19 training could lead to prices increases in bars


    The prices of some products in bars could increase due to an impasse between the Bar Owners Association and an entity which is threatening to withhold supply.

    Association President Teron Mohan tells 103.1FM that an arrangement was made for that company to supply a limited amount of COVID-19 health and safety training free of charge.

    However, he says they’re now told that if bar owners miss today’s training, they will have to pay a subsidized cost on Thursday or be cut off from supply of some products.

    Mr Mohan notes that his members have been told to ignore the program as it not mandated by Government.

    He says if they stop receiving products, bars will go to wholesalers, even if it costs more, and raise prices accordingly.

    Mr Mohan believes this move, if it happens, will also open up the market for other similar products.